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Infrastructure Management Solutions

Structured cabling system becomes the first area of interest to provide network availability to all users across the organizations. There are a plethora of applications that would need to run though the cabling system, selection of applications also becomes an important exercise. Physical security in terms of access control and video surveillance system has become an important need for every organization and we at Netcraft have gained expertise in implementing the same.

LAN/WAN Solutions

While deciding on the application based on the nature of business, right sizing the network with proper Switching and Routing components becomes even more crucial. We at Netcraft have gained expertise over the years in giving cost effective solutions. Right from planning the network till final implementation including Liaoning with ISP and basic service providers for all related technologies

Wireless LAN/WAN Solutions

Our strength in wireless includes solutions right from site surveys to final implementations in LAN and WAN for all related wireless technologies like Wi-Fi Controller based Wi-fi Mesh., Wimax etc.

Network Security Solutions

Connectivity to the Internet and selecting the options available for Intranet / Extranet VPN for organizations with multiple offices is a daunting task, as the applications needs to traverse the network to and fro over these links efficiently. The point in question now is how Secure is the network? Network threats have been never as bad. IT managers and department heads have to be on their toes to combat such network threats which leaves them wondering about the choices available to save guard those expensive data collected over the years.

Network Facilities Management

We at Netcraft provide Network Maintenance (AMC) services both onsite and offsite with on demand 4 hours resolution time to keep the customers network up and running and establish business network with 8x5 and 24x7 Help-Desk Support.

Unified Communications Solutions

No matter how organizations want to build their IP Telephony network we at Netcraft Infosolution have also gained experience over the years in providing unified communication solutions including Voice, Video, and Mobility and Tele presence.

Data Center Solutions

Our Business ready data center solutions provides best practices for implementing a scalable, integrated and resilient network technology across diverse green environments We ensure business continuity through our robust scalable and futuristic data center and Disaster recovery solutions.